BioAsia takes pride in being one of the very few companies in Asia to be involved in full line organic production, starting from sourcing organic ingredients, producing organic food products to exporting them worldwide. We also take pride in being a Thai-based company and aim to create value for our national staple: rice.



Organic Rice Crackers

Made from Thailand’s world-famous staple, Thai Jasmine Rice, our Organic Rice Crackers are distinctively unique in texture and aroma. Our rice crackers are healthily delicious. They are baked, not fried; low in fat and cholesterol, gluten-free and contain no preservatives and additives. They can be enjoyed either with your favourite dips, toppings or straight from the packs! Also suitable for diabetics.

Organic Rice Bites

These various geometrical shape thin rice snacks are truly “guilt-free” pleasure. They are also grease-free, cholesterol-free, additives and preservative-free and environmental harm-free. Baked, not fried; low in fat; vegan; gluten-free and suitable for diabetics.