GREENDAY products are made from 100% real fruits & vegetables from the local farms in Thailand. Halal Certified, preservative-free, all-natural & delicious guilt-free indulgence for everyone: Snack on-the-go for the busy parents with their kids or as a healthy snack for all adults.

Using only the freshest & best quality products, we capitalize on break-through food technology to create a range of ethically produced natural snacks at their best. Through our freeze-drying, air-drying and vacuum-cooking methods, 100% of the nutrition remains intact in our fruits & vegetables.

What is Vacuum-Dried?

This process reduces the atmospheric pressure and the temperature required was decreased to evaporate the humidity. As a result, it will produce a crunchy product.

What is Vacuum-Fried?

Frying on low heat is a process known as caramelisation used in the kitchen for its pleasant smell and flavour. If we use this well-known method at low pressure, it works on the water and fructose molecules, getting a sweet and crunchy product. We use rice bran oil for the process of the confit.

Crispy Yummi Bags

Perfect good-to-go snacks for your kids. Each bag contains 4 mini packets.