With the chilly weather, busy schedules, and travel itineraries, we come to the realization that holiday season is here! We begin to layer on our clothes, cram as much as we can into our days, and increase our caffeine intake. In order to survive the chaos of the holidays, we cannot forget to pamper ourselves. Just because we are tired and stressed that does not mean we have to look like it. In fact, this is when you want to be looking your party best all the way until the New Year (and beyond)!

During the holiday season, time is of the essence but don’t let your skin care regimen suffer. For starters, make sure you’re staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can also speed up signs of aging. The Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser and Moisturizer will help to slow down father time! To combat dull skin, exfoliating 1-2 times a week with the Microdermabrasion scrub will help keep your skin glowing and ready for the next event!

The cold weather combined with holiday stress commonly triggers dry skin, acne and skin discoloration. The Hydrating Day Cream and Night Cream will help to nourish skin. SunkissAlba’s Radiant Glow Face Oil helps to soften, illuminate and add moisture to your skin, body, and hair for a picture perfect glow. Acne comes to people of all ages, stress and lack of sleep can cause pesky acne blemishes to appear. The Very Clear Acne Cleanser can help keep acne blemishes away year round. Skin Brighten is a great natural solution for skin discolorations and for helping to even out skin tone for a radiant glow.

Getting a good night’s rest and keeping your stress levels low will help keep your skin hydrated, glowing, and ready for the next activity. Have a wonderful holiday season! Remember to enjoy the company of your family and friends as they are the perfect gift!

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