About Us

About OZ Health

At Aussie Health, we believe the key to wellness lies with our choices, which will ultimately define our standard of living. By indulging in what best nature has to offer, we strive to advocate 5 steps to wellness as a means to greater physical well-being for the society.

Our Story began in 2002 founded by Ms. Amanda Chong, as one of the few pioneers to distribute reputable brands of natural products through a diverse network of pharmacy chains and hospital pharmacies. As of today, we have expanded our distribution channels to major personal care store, organic concept stores and supermarkets in Singapore.

It’s All About Good Health

At Aussie Health, we aspire to bring the finest of natural products which are also environmentally responsible for our valued customers in order to achieve optimal health and wellness. We offer a delightful selection of wholesome health supplements, vitamins, snacks and personal care products to enrich your way of life. Our strong family of sales promoters and merchandisers are always there to help customers with information and educate about the importance of their well-being.

We commit to promote a healthy way of life that goes beyond enhancing our daily nourishment. We believe that a life well lived is one that upholds personal care and beauty. It is this belief that drives us to explore a diverse variety of personal care products. Ranging from organic skincare solutions to sweet-scented shampoos derived from botanical extracts, our unique formulations are free from artificial chemicals.

To date, our commitment to quality has stood the test of time as we spare no effort to ensure our products abide by international GMP standards. Since our humble beginnings, we have come a long way in expanding our presence within the domestic health and wellness market. We remain steadfast in our cause to source for only the best products from reputable global brands. As we constantly seek to provide high quality, health benefiting and affordable organic/ natural products for our consumers, we aim to work towards a long-term goal of achieving a healthier community with a beautiful and fun lifestyle.

In 2013, in order to best serve our customers locally, we have opened our own retail outlet at One@Kentridge. Next to that we recently have launched an online platform, which combined with our own distribution centre and delivery team, aims to provide optimal service to our customers.