That lovely, vibrant reddish colour that you associate with flamingos, lobsters, and other delightful creatures in the animal kingdom? You can thank Astaxanthin for that! Astaxanthin is most commonly found in certain micro-algae species and the animals that consume it like salmon, lobster and shrimp. It is what gives these swimmers their red hue. Another great source of astaxanthin is red fruits and vegetables such as red peppers and guava.

Pronounced “as-ta-ZAN-thin,” Astaxanthin is the most potent antioxidant available and provides many amazing benefits for your skin. In terms of antioxidant ability, astaxanthin is proven to be 500 times stronger than skin health-boosting Vitamin E, and a whopping 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C in fighting free radicals. Sounds almost too good to be true! That is why Astaxanthin is one of our favourite ingredients.


#1 Helps to Fight Free Radicals

Often referred to as the “strongest antioxidant in nature,” it’s no wonder that astaxanthin can help the skin respond to oxidative damage from environmental aggressors, such as the sun, as well as inhibit free radical formation which is highly connected to skin aging.

#2 Improves Skin’s Moisture Levels, Elasticity and Smoothness

Astaxanthin provides next-level protection from harmful free radicals that break down skin collagen and contribute to fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving moisture retention and elasticity. Thus, astaxanthin can help protect the skin and minimize the appearance of visible signs of aging.

#3 Helps Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure by Enhancing Skin’s Defensive Cells

One should never have the excuse to skip SPF, especially in sunny Singapore, but it’s nice to know that Astaxanthin also helps to protect your skin from harmful UV-rays. Because Astaxanthin can penetrate all layers of the skin, it acts as an “internal sunscreen” of sorts, protecting against UVA-induced oxidative stress.


Astaxanthin is a key ingredient in our Anti-Aging Collection to help prevent and reduce signs of aging and skin irregularities, revealing a smoother, youthful-looking complexion. Are you ready to dive into the fountain of youth?

Experience Astaxanthin’s amazing benefits with DERMA E’s Anti-Aging powerful duo:

Formulated with two of the strongest antioxidants: Astaxanthin and Pycnogenol®, this is the ideal anti-aging skincare regime!


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