Morlife Alkalising Organic Barley & Wheat Grass Powder 200g



Morlife Organic Barley & Wheat Grass is made from the young whole shoots of barley and wheat grass. Barley & Wheat Grass naturally contain Chlorophyll and Superoxide Dismutase (an antioxidant enzyme). Morlife Barley & Wheat Grass Powder is great to add into smoothies, juice, cooking and baking for a greens boost!


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  • Contains Chlorophyll
  • PRAL Measurement Source of -39.1.
  • Contains the Antioxidant Enzyme Superoxide Dismutase

The alkalising potential of foods can be calculated using a PRAL scale. The Potential Renal Acid Load is a measurement that estimates the foods’ potential to create an acid or alkaline residue after it has been digested. The lower the PRAL number, the more alkalising potential the food has.

Morlife Organic Barley and Wheat Grass has been calculated to have a highly alkalising potential using the PRAL scale of -39.1.

50% Certified Organic fine Barley grass powder and 50% Certified Organic fine Wheat grass powder. The powders are harvested from the young shoots.

Adults: Mix 1-2 tsp of Barley & Wheat Grass Powder into juice, smoothies, salad dressing or other food. Build up to twice daily over the first month.

Children (5-12 yrs): ½ tsp daily.


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